These pages are currently under  Re-Construction in order to showcase the new and existing features of our Guardian Asset and Maintenance Management Software:


u  The use of mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, provide the ability to

ü  capture pictures

ü  display instructions, manuals and/or safety instructions

ü  count and adjust inventory

ü  dictate notes.

u  GUARDIAN is scalable and flexible for one can add modules or Users at any time.

u  Can be implemented for a single User or in an Enterprise environment.

u  Detailed management analysis of in-house labor, contract labor, parts and services since all transactions are retained.

u  Over 250 standard Reports to choose from

u  Opportunity Maintenance:  Take advantage of an unplanned shutdown and perform pending Work Orders and PM’s on related equipment and/or facilities.

u  Manage Work Orders for Projects, Emergency, Safety and/or Planned events.

u  Lower inventory costs by stocking only the parts that you need.

u  Control purchases by Managing Approvals either on-line or remotely

u  Safety Management:  create safety procedures, audit them and then attach them to Work Orders

u  Ad hoc reporting tools that allow both Managers and Users to easily retrieve data, produce reports and distribute them in a paperless world.  


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Work Orders

Multiple Numbering Series for Easy to Identify Work Orders
User-Defined Status' and Priorities
Unlimited Description for Instructions
Powerful, Configurable Planning System
Drawings can be Attached to any Work Order (optional)
Work Orders can be Grouped into Projects
Add Work Order History BEFORE closing the Work Order
Approvals Based on Estimated Work Order Cost

The Work Order Management Module is a powerful tool for managing all aspects of repair, safety, capital project and preventive maintenance work. Detailed labor and material estimates can be added to each work order and used to control which costs can be posted to the work order. Material requirements added to a work order will generate either an inventory allocation that will feed the Automatic Reorder system, or a purchase request that will feed the purchasing system. The status of all material can be monitored right from the work order screen. This enables the Planner to quickly determine when material will be arriving for the work order so that they can accurately add or reposition the work order within the work schedule.

The system can record Symptom/Cause/Action (SCA) historical data for each work order as the work order progresses, or at the completion of the work order. With the appropriate security, this information can also be updated AFTER the work order has been completed.

GUARDIAN provides a powerful Planning screen that allows the Planner to manage large numbers of work orders quickly and efficiently. The Planner can configure all aspects of how the screen operates, from the data that gets loaded in the screen, to the columns of information that are displayed, to the sorting and grouping of the work orders displayed. Update, print and monitor your work orders from one screen!